P&C Exclusivity Agreement

Opportunity to work with GoLove

Go Love Pty Ltd ACN 642 890 088 trading as “Go Love” (“we” or “us”) is an online marketplace where service providers can advertise children’s education and entertainment services including:
  • classes or tuition
  • before and after school care
  • camps
  • birthdays
  • entertainment
  • regular extra-curricular activities
You can view our terms and conditions of sale at

Terms of Exclusivity Agreement

We would like to offer your P&C Committee (“you”) the opportunity to participate with us on the following terms: 1. Benefits: If you agree to these terms you will be listed as a participating P&C Committee on our website. When customers complete a purchase on our website, they will have the option of directing 5% of their booking fee to a participating P&C Committee (e.g. you). This is a great way for your committee to raise funds by asking each student or parent you refer to allocate 5% of their fee to your P&C Committee! 2. Conditions: Payment of the Benefits in clause 1 is conditional upon you regularly advertising and promoting our service. We expect that each participating P&C Committee will advertise our service not less than once per month in each of the P&C Committee’s newsletter and social media pages. All advertisements must receive our prior written approval in relation to their content, layout and appearance, and we will provide sample advertisements to you. We reserve the right to request evidence of your compliance with this clause during the term of this agreement. 3. Exclusivity: You must work exclusively with us during the term of this agreement. You must not enter into any contract or arrangement with any competing business offering similar goods or services during the term. 4. Term: Our agreement is for a term of 3 years commencing on the date you accept these terms (unless terminated earlier in accordance with clause 6). 5. Automatic rollover: This agreement shall automatically renew for a further period of 3 years unless either party gives notice to the other party of its intention not to renew this agreement at least six (6) months prior to the relevant expiry date. 6. Termination by us: We may terminate this agreement if you breach any of these terms. We will give you notice and a period of 14 days to rectify any breaches of this agreement which are capable of remedy. 7. Variations: We reserve the right to vary these terms at any time upon notice to you. You agree that we may send notice of any variation of these terms to your nominated email address. By clicking ‘I accept’ on these terms, you warrant that you have received all necessary authorisations from the P&C Committee to enter into this agreement.