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GoLove Community Guidelines

The GoLove Community Guidelines represents our approach in building a greater sense of trust, support and respect between Parents, GoLove Providers and School P&Cs in public and online. We expect it to be honoured by everyone when using GoLove or attending a GoLove experience.


The GoLove
Community strives to:



We should all feel comfortable to share views in a respectful manner. When interacting on social media, leaving reviews and in person. Be mindful of your comments and behaviour even if you don’t agree with others' comments. One's frustration must not turn into a personal attack at any time. By having respect for each other we hope that you are all able to enjoy the GoLove experience, whether that be through using your creative skills or hosting a memorable event for your child. We hope that GoLove creates an opportunity for joy, ease and playfulness.



We all rely on a quick response time for GoLove to work and create wonderful experiences. This has been made easier by sending all bookings and confirmations by SMS and Email, please be proactive and check your emails and dashboards regularly. We understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control therefore, to make it fair and flexible keep cancellations and reschedules to a bare minimum. If you do receive a reschedule request, aim to find a middle ground for it to work for all parties involved.



We at GoLove are spending a lot of time, energy and love to create a community where GoLove Providers, Parents and School P&Cs thrive. This will only work if Parents use the website effectively and refrain from contacting GoLove Providers directly. At the same time, our expectations are that the GoLove Providers will redirect any private enquiries created through GoLove, back to the website for bookings.



The experiences that we create as a whole are made up of many parts, it is the sum of many dreams and aspirations. Collaboration between GoLove Providers, Parents and School P&Cs, that each have their own goals and visions, is essential; all parts must make an effort to understand each other to create wholeness for future generations.



Sharing is caring and that is the essence of GoLove. As a part of this spirit, be proactive in sharing experiences with your family and friends by including them in the GoLove community. The ethos of GoLove is displayed by providers who feel a sense of pride when promoting GoLove material on their social media and within their own business community. P&Cs feel supported by the GoLove initiative and in turn share local GoLove Providers through their GoLove Public Page and school newsletters.



We encourage playful behaviour when creating your GoLove experiences, they are for children after all! However, only upload content that you have created and respect the copyright of others. This means using original photos/videos from your events and uploading appropriate and authentic content on your GoLove experiences.


If you feel our Community Guidelines are different to your values, please feel free to contact us to discuss this further. For specific questions related to GoLove, check out our FAQS or for any other questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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